Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney

Sometimes we seem to forget that what we consider pets are animals. Though many are very domesticated and accustomed to visitors, others are not. Not every dog that you see is used to having someone fill its water bowl and make sure that it is fed. Not every dog you see has been trained that when it nips at someone’s hand that it is not okay. Unfortunately, this means that people suffer from dog bites. These types of situations can lead to lasting injuries and enormous medical bills so what do you do when a dog bites you? Call a Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney.

Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney

One of the major questions in Dog Bite cases is who is liable? This can be a difficult subject. If you are the owner of the dog in question, and it bites someone who is only minding their own business you are likely going to be held liable for the damages done. If your dog has bitten someone, it is important that you contact a Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney immediately. On the other hand, if you are a victim of a dog bite it is important that you contact a Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney immediately as well. The question, in this case, will ultimately be who is to blame for the bite. You cannot sue the dog. Typically the dogs owner is responsible unless your case has some of these factors.

  • Someone was taking care of the dog beside the owner and had control of the dog.
  • In this case, it can be up to debate who is truly liable for the injury and is up to a judge to decide. Some of these situations pertain to who was giving the dog commands or was letting it in and out of the house at the time of the accident.

  • The person who owns the dog is less than 18 years old.
  • In these situations more often than not the owners parents will be held liable since they should have been overseeing the care of and management of the dog in question.



  • The landlord of the dog owner knew that it was dangerous and did nothing about it.
  • If the property owner where a tenant is renting becomes knowledgeable that a dog is violent, it can be argued that if they had removed the problem dog than the event would not have transpired. Liability is something you should speak to your Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney about before proceeding with your case.

  • The dog was on someone’s property, and they did not make a reasonable effort to remove it.
  • In cases where you allow a dog to be on your property, it can be argued that if you had removed the dog than it would not have been able to bite someone. These cases can vary depending on the judge, jury, and your Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney.


If you have been bitten by a dog, or someone has been bitten by your dog or on your property, it is crucial that you speak with a Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney. Delray Beach Dog Bite Attorney Lee Cohen is well versed in personal injury and will assist you in making sure that you are well represented whether you are the accused or the injured. If you would like to contact us we are available at any time at 1-800-CALL-LEE.





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